Know Your Rights as a Registered Cannabis Patient



First, you must be a resident of Hawaii and obtain a state registration (329 Card). The Hawaii Health Department notified us that the only legal way to acquire medical cannabis is to buy it at a licensed dispensary, which are slowly opening across the state of Hawai'i.

If you live on an island that does not have a dispensary, there is no legal way for you to acquire medical cannabis, cannabis in Hawaii.

PWT works to protect patients against special interests that would take away our right to grow, and block attempts to legalize cannabis.

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Hawaii’s medical cannabis patients, like Brian, commonly suffe from discrimination and violations of the right to grow their medical cannabis, established by (See: HI REV Stat§ 521-39 (2015)).


Landlords use intimidation, innuendo, and the piling on of false accusations to keep cannabis off their property, or to raise rents excessively high, or demand to a portion of the cannabis.


Medical cannabis patients all across Hawaii are suffering the same kind of prejudice and discrimination against their disabilities, illnesses, and their economic status.


Our disabled Veterans, who fought for our freedom, are being sent to prisons-for-profit in Arizona!


We must stand up for justice, so PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME is reaching out to the community to help medical cannabis patients overcome the prejudice that they have endured for the past 17 years.


Patients are suffering without safe access to medical cannabis, while living in the best place in the world to grow medical cannabis.


We must take action to support patient’s rights, and raise awareness of the unfair prejudice against of medical cannabis patients, and the importance and effectiveness of the medicinal properties of cannabis remedies. Please, help us fund our free patient services and public access video tutorials.




Reciprocity was scheduled to begin on January 1, 2018, but has been delayed by the Hawaii Health Department. When reciprocity does begin, out-of-state patients must obtain a Hawaii issued 329 card BEFORE they can enter a dispensary. Contact the Hawaii Dept of Health - Medical Cannabis Program, for details on the process of registering, or other questions about reciprocity.

Hawaii statutes prohibit CAREGIVERS after December 2023. PWT supports Hawaii's aloha-spirited CAREGIVERS program, which has helped thousands of seriously ill patients for 17 years, and we oppose all legislation that seeks to terminate this vital CAREGIVERS program.

PWT founder coerced from his home for growing medical cannabis
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Hawaii's new laws took effect in June 2017. Patients, or their caregivers, may now grow 10 plants, at any maturity, and possess 4 ounces of medical cannabis, in any form; herb, concentrates, tinctures, etc.

The name "medical marijuana" is now officially changed to "medical cannabis." The testing labs will be able to test patient's, or their caregivers, strains of cannabis as soon as they open.

In 2023, a limit of 5 licenses at one location will be enforced, which is a maximum of 50 plants, but each patient, or caregiver must tend their own plants. Unfortunately, no cooperatives are allowed at the present time.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Video produced by PWT:

Hawaii's Cannabis Laws are stict and must be followed carefully to qualify for protection from prosecution. WARNING! Plants must be properly tagged!


Be Smart, Be Safe, and BE in COMPLIANCE!

Medical marijuana is legal in Hawaii, if you have a "329 card" and remain in compliance with Hawaii's medical marijuana laws. A registered marijuana patient, or caregiver, MUST place an identification tag that CLEARLY shows their 329 registration number, and expiration date, on each of their medical marijuana plants. Click here for the Hawaii Department of Health's tagging guidelines.

WARNING: Untagged marijuana plants, or improperly tagged marijuana plants, are subject to confiscation by law enforcement, and the grower, or property owner, may not be guaranteed the protections available in chapter 329, Hawaii Revised Statutes.
Read the HI Health Dept rules.

The outrageous violation of citizen's privacy by police enforcement of the marijuana prohibition has caused a drastic drop in the number of CAREGIVERS, which dropped by a whopping 55% following illegally invasive GREEN HARVEST raids. Watch a video of GREEN HARVEST from June 22, 2016.


The 2009 Hawaii Legislature Congratulates PWT