Protect Your Right to grow Medical Cannabis!

According to HI Rev Stat § 521-39 (2015), landlords are not allowed to discriminate against registered cannabis patients. If you have a 329 card, you have the right to grow 10 cannabis plants, unless you sign an agreement not to. If you are a registered cannabis patient and have been denied the right to grow your medical cannabis plants you may file complaints with the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission and the Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO).

Know your rights and responsibilities as a registered cannabis patient.

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PWT working for cannabis patients rights in Hawaii since 2004.

We introduced the Sustainable Family Farm Act in 2009.



PWT founder coerced from his home for growing medical cannabis
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Willie Nelson joined Patients Without Time to make a statement in support of marijuana patient's rights.

Willie Nelson said he became a registered medical marijuana patient, and joined PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME, "run by old Brian Murphy, who used to be out of Virginia," to make a statement, because he believed cannabis should be legal. Adding "it wan't a problem finding (marijuana) over there in Maui," but whether it's medical or spiritual or personal or anything else, Willie has always been for legalizing marijuana regardless of why you're using it. "It’s time to tax it (marijuana), regulate it, make the money off of it. Quit letting the illegal drug dealers make the money and make the money for us, for the farmer.
~ Willie Nelson, April, 2010

CALL TO ACTION: Please join Willie, and 1,000's of other PWT members and cannabis advocates across the state to: Stand up, speak out, and join the statewide campaign to send 1,000's of emails to lawmakers telling them to LEGALIZE CANNABIS.



PWT colaborated with the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute and Maui County Citizens For Democracy In Action to produce the "Peaceful Solution - Let's VOTE back America" video.


The Hawaii Legislature Congratulates PWT

The 2009 Hawai'i State House of Representatives congratulated PWT for helping Maui's medical marijuana patients:

The STATE OF HAWAII issued a certification to PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME thanking PWT "for assisting over a thousand of Hawai'i's certified medical marijuana patients with the acquisition of their medical marijuana."