PWT founder forced from his home for growing medical cannabis

Director Brian Murphy, who founded PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME, Maui's first medical marijuana copoerative, established in 2003, was illegally forced to flee his home of over 4 years, by a greedy mainland landlord, for legaling growing his medical cannabis plants. The absentee landlord heard rents were going up in Hawaii, so she flew into Maui to have a look at her Hawaii investment properties, ... and to raise rents.


At first inspection, she had no complaint about Director Murphy’s legally registered grow-site. However, when her real estate adviser told her that cannabis growing on her property would lower her resale value she changed her tune. Suddenly she announced that she forbids any cannabis plants on her property.


Even though her demand to stop growing cannabis violates state law, she remained undaunted further demanding that Murphy's grow site be removed immediately, and all cannabis plants be destroyed. She also demanded another increase in rent, for an additional 30%, over the 20% increase Murphy agreed to just 3 months before. Then she made of a list of other erroneous reasons to break Murphy’s lease.


To be sure to force Director Murphy to move out, the mainland landlord’s brand new property manager made false criminal accusations that Director Murphy made threats to commit assault with a deadly weapon. This false accusation caused Director Murphy’s driveway to fill with 3 Maui police squad cars, on the same day he was served an eviction notice.

police filled my driveway

Director Murphy was still under probation, from an arrest for his operation of Patients Without Time, back in 2008, so the site of police lined up in his driveway was extremely upsetting. If Director Murphy were charged with a crime he would go directly to jail, until his court date.


A short investigation by police revealed that the new property manager had a history of instability, and police officers knew her well. She recanted her story, and the police told Director Murphy that he had nothing to fear because “she was back on her medication.”


For his own safety Mr. Murphy was forced to move immediately. Director Murphy has filed a Discrimination Complaint against LPE LLC, and it’s property manager, and it’s real estate advisor, in Hawaii Civil Right Commission Case # RE-M-1136, which was submitted with a timeline of events, and Exhibits.

Cannabis Patients face Housing Discrimination in Hawaii

As Maui rents soar, medical cannabis patients are finding it difficult to find affordable homes where they may grow their cannabis plants. Landlords realize they can charge much higher rents now, and some landlords have forced patients out of their homes, or refused to rent to cannabis cultivators. Some landlords resist allowing cannabis to be grown on their property for a variety of reasons, ranging from prejudice against cannabis, to fearing federal seizure of their property, to envisioning wild "reefer madness" parties.

Fortunately, Hawaii law protects registered cannabis patient's right to grow their medicine, except in certain limited conditions, See: 2015 Hawaii Revised Statutes, TITLE 28. PROPERTY 521. Residential Landlord-Tenant Code 521-39 Medical marijuana; tenant use; eviction.

Stand up, speak out, and start working now, to join the statewide campaign to Legalize Cannabis, in Hawaii, in 2018! ✍️Mark your calendars for Jan. 17, 2018, the opening day of Hawaii's legislative session, and join the statewide campaign to send THOUSANDS of emails to the lawmakers telling them to legalize cannabis.


Hawaii's New Medical Cannabis laws

Efforts to keep our caregivers was a success! Hawaii's "aloha-spirited system of caregivers" is allowed to continue until 2023, despite the misinformation on the internet. This system allows medical cannabis patients to enlist the help compassionate gardeners, who voluntarily grow cannabis for them. Since 2000, thousands of compassionate caregivers have volunteered their time, and expertise, to grow medical cannabis for Hawaii's seriously ill registered medical marijuana patients.

The new laws took effect in June 2017. Patients, or their caregivers, may now grow 10 plants, at any maturity, and possess 4 ounces of medical cannabis, in any form; herb, concentrates, tinctures, etc. The name "medical marijuana" is now officially changed to "medical cannabis." The testing labs will be able to test patient's, or their caregivers, strains of cannabis. In 2023, a limit of 5 licenses at one location will be enforced, which is a maximum of 50 plants, but each patient, or caregiver must tend their own plants. Unfortunately, no cooperatives are allowed.



Be Smart, Be Safe, and BE in COMPLIANCE!

Medical marijuana is legal in Hawaii, if you have a "329 card" and remain in compliance with Hawaii's medical marijuana laws. A registered marijuana patient, or caregiver, MUST place an identification tag that CLEARLY shows their 329 registration number, and expiration date, on each of their medical marijuana plants. Click here for the DOH's tagging guidelines.

WARNING: Untagged marijuana plants or improperly tagged marijuana plants are subject to confiscation by law enforcement, and the grower, or property owner, may not be guaranteed the protections available in chapter 329, Hawaii Revised Statutes.
Read the HI Health Dept rules.

Registered medical marijuana patients, or their caregiver, may grow up to 10 plants, and possess up to four ounces of marijuana.


Know your rights when GREEN HARVEST shows up


UPDATE: Hawaii Registered medical cannabis patients, and/or their caregivers, may now grow up to 10 medical cannabis plants. GREEN HARVEST the summer of 2016 felt like a military assault on our peaceful Maui neighborhoods. If you hear helicopters circling your house ... No worries - If you are in compliance you have nothing to fear from GREEN HARVEST. They will let you keep all your plants if they are tagged and within the legal limits. We look forward to the day when growing cannabis is completely legal, but until then stay in compliance and you will be fine! Watch a video of GREEN HARVEST from June 22, 2016.


A majority of Hawaii's citizens support legalization




The Hawaii Legislature Congratulates PWT

The 2009 Hawai'i State House of Representatives congratulated PWT for helping Maui's medical marijuana patients:

The STATE OF HAWAII issued a certification to PATIENTS WITHOUT TIME thanking PWT "for assisting over a thousand of Hawai'i's certified medical marijuana patients with the acquisition of their medical marijuana."


Another heart-warming medical marijuana victory! Mykayla's message to the world is to "Legalize home grow. Plant the seed. Peace."

This is the same aloha-spirit that animates Hawaii's "free medical marijuana" patient and caregiver system. In Hawaii registered patients may grow their own marijuana, but often seriously ill patients cannot grow their own. That's when caregivers voluntarily step in, to help out.

Patients receive their medical marijuana for free, and caregivers receive the priceless reward of watching the relief on patient's faces.

Please, help Restore Hawaii's Caregivers.


Willie Nelson joined Patients Without Time to make a statement in support of marijuana patient's rights.


"It’s time to tax it (marijuana), regulate it, make the money off of it. Quit letting the illegal drug dealers make the money and make the money for us, for the farmer. ~ Willie Nelson, April, 2010


Most caregivers will no longer be allowed after December 2019.